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Stash n' Hoard is a grocery store. Nestor and Scaredy work there. Paddy worked there once, but was fired a brief time afterwards.


Scaredy Squirrel (Head Stacker) Buck (Janitor) Mildred (Cashier) Nestor (Manager) Momma (Owner of the Stash n' Hoard) Paddy Patterson (Former) Sally Fishlips (Former Entertainer) Dave (Former) Hatton (Producer), Unnamed moose, Unnamed rabbit

Head StackerEdit

Stash n' Hoard has one stacker, Scaredy. The Head Stacker is a position for stackers when their stacking skills are good enough. This position has only been held by Scaredy and Paddy. Scaredy currently holds the position as Head Stacker.


  • It is revealed in "Who's Your Paddy?", Momma owned another Stash n' Hoard, and it's in Alaska.