Scaredy Squirrel
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Movie Studio

Premiere Date

May 21, 2010

Created By

Mélanie Watt


Action, Adult Animation, Comedy, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Production Companies

Nelvana, Melanie Watt


Nick Jr. [All Contury], PBS Kids [United States] Treehouse TV [Canada]

Primary Audience

Teens, Adults (Not for kids)

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UK Content Rating


Prequel Movie

The Adventures of Lewis and Flint

Scaredy Squirrel is a Canadian TV show that premiered on YTV on May 21, 2010. In Canada, it can currrently be seen on Nickelodeon. For the US premiere, the show was picked-up by Disney XD, but instead Cartoon Network picked-up the show and premiered it on May 21, 2010. In the UK it airs on POP. The show follows the quirky adventures of a squirrel named Scaredy, but it getting a reboot on PBS Kids, Nick Jr. and Treehouse TV.


The show usually begins with Scaredy Squirrel farming out the theme song. The show then opens with the words "Warning: The character is based on the character created by Melanie Watt" then shows the title card of an episode. On TV Y7 Unimas Channel 17


So far, 52 episodes from Nelvana have been ordered by Treehouse TV, Nick Jr. and PBS Kids, with 52 having aired in Canada, and 40 aired in the United States. Galavision Channel 198 Univison channel 6 unimas channel 17


Scaredy Squirrel 4

Scaredy Squirrel.

Scaredy - A quirky squirrelZilla with a sense of responsibility and adventure. He is the head stacker at the Stash 'N Hoard he turns giants when his eyes are red Every 9 Seconds.

Nestor - A yellow hawk who is the manager of the Stash 'N Hoard. He is not that nice to Scaredy, but on occasion has helped him many times.

Dave - A blue skunk and is Scaredy's friend who is more dirty and lazy than Scaredy is. He is more courageous than Scaredy, however.

Sally - A bass killer fish who is madly in love with Scaredy. While she is not residing as president of the S.N.E.R.D Fan Club, she is always stalking Scaredy, who doesn't return the favour.

Momma - The mother of Nestor and the owner of Stash 'N Hoard. She appears dramatically at any moment, and likes to fire people or workers through the "blind-fold" act. She has a strict personality.

Paddy Patterson - A ferret who is mischevious and hates Scaredy Squirrel and tries to make his life miserable. He first hates Scaredy thinking he was the one that pranked him which was actually an accident.

Richard - A plant who, likewise, doesn't do anything. He (or it) is Scaredy's best friend, but once was completely dried-up by the sun due to being left outside.


  • This is one of the many shows that Cartoon Network has aired along with YTV. Other shows that Cartoon Network has aired along with YTV were Sidekick, Almost Naked Animals, Beyblade, and Pokémon.
  • This show is based on the books written by Melanie Watt.
  • You can now watch it on POP! - Sky Channel 616 witched not.