Scaredy Squirrel is the protagonist of the show Scaredy Squirrel. He has a quirky, if not excited, personality. He is loosely based on the book's version of the character created by Mélanie Watt. He was best friends with a plant named Richard and a skunk named Dave. Scaredy lives in his acorn house in Balsa City.


Scaredy Squirrel is an anthropomorphic cartoon squirrel Also his species is squirrelzilla when his eyes turn red every 9 seconds he turns into a giant squirrel and then when his eyes turn blue for 3 seconds he turn normal again.

A usually responsible squirrel who is obsessed with being clean. He wears three types of clothing; his work uniform, his jacket, which he wears casually, and his regular shirt. He is outlined in black, and has a brown and light brown head with two small ears and a tuft of fur on top of it, a skinny torso and legs, a brown and light brown tail and is usually seen with a cheeky smile on his face.


  • Scaredy appears in the Safety Corner shorts which plays on the regular safety lessons taught to teens.
  • Scaredy fears Sally, who has a love obsession with him.
  • In the Safety Corner portion of the episode "Fairweather Squirrel", Scaredy possesses a card to prove an absence of lice since 1992, implying Scaredy Squirrel is at least nineteen by the start of the show. Ardilla miedosa en Univision,Galavision, Y Unimas


  • "Stacktastic!"
  • "Dave!"