Paddy Patterson

Paddy Patterson as he looks in the show.

Paddy Patterson is a tricky possum who took Scaredy Squirrel's job for a brief time in the episode, "Who's Your Paddy". He has a mischievious personality and only wants the job of Head Stacker only to get Scaredy fired.


Paddy is a long, thin ferret. He has brown hair and gray skin. He wears a red jacket and pants, but at the end of Who's Your Paddy he was seen wearing a jacket.


Paddy is a mischievous ferret who tries to get Scaredy's job just to get him fired. This is so because he doesn't really seem to care about stacking. He has a friendly personality he uses to his advantage to get Nester's mom into giving him a contract. However, that is also his down side, as he gets transferred to another shop.


  • Paddy may now work in Alaska, as it looks similiar to the place Paddy was transferred to in Who's Your Paddy.
  • He is the only employee who was fired without the blindfold act.
  • Paddy shares his name with other real-life people.
  • His jacket appears to be covering his legs.


  • "Please allow me, Momma."
  • "You can't fire me! I have a contract."