Nestor, or Nester, is one of the main characters of the TV show Scaredy Squirrel. He is the manager of the store Stash N' Hoard along with being the store's owner's son. He doesn't really like Scaredy Squirrel and he is considered one of Scaredy's frenemies. He usually just ignores Scaredy and try to run the store, although his attitude with costumers can be blamed on either him, or Scaredy. In occasion, he sometimes teams up with Scaredy or helps him.



Nestor is a yellow hawk with glasses and always wears a manager pin and a work shirt. He can usually be seen in his "office," which is actually the store's storage area. His attitude differs widely from Scaredy's.


Nester can be described as the non-helpful type and usually ignores Scaredy. He shares some of his attitude with his mother, who owns the store. Nestor usually hates Scaredy for unintentionally messing-up his store.


  • Nestor is never actually seen outside of Stash N' Hoard, which might mean that he lives there.
  • Nester may have been a reference to a meaner version of Toucan Sam. Nester could have also been a reference to Benson from Regular Show


  • "There's no such thing as butterflies!"
  • "Not my problem, not my problem, NOT my problem."
  • "I hate my job".
  • "So sad, you wanna cry?"