Mildred is the cashier at the Stash 'n' Hoard.

Personality Edit

Mildred doesn't really care about much and says few lines. However, she is secretly a spy and only Scaredy and Dave knows. She mainly tries to stop the otters from sucking up the water in Balsa City and always does. When she isn't being a spy, she doesn't care about anything and just sits around and burps.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only character in the series that is a toad.
  • She has an obsession for soda, which she drinks a lot of, which results in her burping all the time.
  • In one episode when Paddy, Buck, Hatton, Sally, Nestor, Momma, Scaredy Squirrel, Dave and Mildred were looking for treasure, Mildred said she was going to use her share of the treasure to get her belching gland removed.​​​​​