Dave is Scaredy Squirrel's best friend. Dave is a skunk who were best friends with Scaredy Squirrel. He can be thought of as some-what the exact opposite of Scaredy. He is some-what dim-witted, isn't really into being clean, and doesn't really like to work. He so far doesn't have much info on himself and usually is portrayed as Scaredy's best friend, next to Richard, Scaredy's plant.


Dave is a un-clean blue and white skunk who isn't as organized as Scaredy. He is also a little dim-witted and believes in good luck. He wears an orange vest, light orange shirt and does not wear shoes. However, as a running gag, he acts overly smart sometimes, similiar to Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants.


Dave is dimwitted at points and is also a-little bit different than Scaredy. His voice resembles the bear character from Jimmy Two-Shoes. Dave also loves junk food and believes in good luck, as shown in "Luck Be A Penny". He is also a little more courageous than Scaredy, as such when he must coax Scaredy into riding a roller-coaster.


  • Being a skunk, Dave has not been shown spraying the smelly odour most skunks spray when their scared.
  • Dave also premiered along with Scaredy in the Safety Corner shorts.
  • It is revealed in the episode "Sticky Situation", that Dave has worn the same underwear for five years in a row, indicating that he is very unclean.
  • He quotes a famous quote from President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "There's nothing to fear but fear itself."
  • He thinks Nestor is a chicken.


  • "Nobody needs to know that."
  • "I've been wearing the same underwear for five years."
  • "Who's glasses are these?"
  • "Woah! First you saved the kingdom, then you ate the kingdom!"