A Scaredy Christmas is a Christmas movie when everyone on YTV comes to visit Scaredy for the holidays.


  • Scaredy and Dave are trimming a Christmas tree for the holidays, but as they trim the tree, Dave throws up. Scaredy checks on his soul and Dave feels better, thus in which they finish tree trimming. Then they put the star on the tree. Nestor is disgusted when he hears sleigh bells ringing and starts hating Christmas. "Bah, humbug!"

Then, later on, Scaredy and Dave try on some chains and are fascinated with them and then they put on money boxes and show up in Nestor's room and sing "Marley and Marley". They notice why Nestor hates it and then they tell him to expect the first ghost when the bell tolls one.

During the lesson, Nestor meets Momma aka The Ghost of Christmas Past. When he meets her, he mistakes her for long past. But she is his past. They go back into Nestor's childhood where Nestor was at boarding school and then they go to the rooftops of Stash N' Hoard where Nestor is working at a party. Then Nestor waits for the second ghost, which is Howie aka The Ghost of Christmas Present.

Columbian mammoth ate watermelons,Smilodon fatalis ate sausages.

Howie is surrounded by Meat/meat, cakes, carrots, potatoes, sweets, vegetables, milk, water and spaghetti. Nestor is reluctant about going into the present and Howie and all of YTV-ville sings "Trim Up The Tree". Then they go to Scaredy's house where Christmas is celebrated with Paddy, Momma, Dave, Scaredy, Richard and everyone. Octo is coming with Poodle, who has Batty on her shoulder. Then Nestor is caught off-guard and finds himself nervous and at a loss for words when he is visited by Professor OXO aka The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. They go all over YTV-ville where many people are sad.

By this, he is amazed by this and is coming to Scaredy's house with Mr. Happy and the rest of the YTV show characters.


  • This is loosely based off The Muppet Christmas Carol.